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What is it ?

Sedi-filter is the complete solution for all your dewatering engineering projects. Our cutting-edge products are here to save you time and money as well as being environmentally friendly, easy to use and highly effective. Working in the same way as a teabag, slurries and sludges are feed into the bag and the water flows freely through small holes in the bag while the solid matter stays trapped inside.

Highly Adaptable

Made from high quality geotextiles, Sedi-filters are designed to effectively capture solid materials within water, slurries and sludges without the use of excessive or specialist machinery. Our bags are designed to work in a wide variety of situations – particularly where space is limited.

Environmentally Friendly

Sedi-filter helps to solve the environmental problems associated with excavating and storing wet slurry, sludges and sediments by minimising the volume of waste sent to landfill and providing an easy way to treat contaminated material.

Cost Effective

By passing solid-liquid waste through a Sedi-filter, the volume of waste can be reduced by up to 80%. This reduces transport costs to waste treatment facilities or landfill sites. Our bags also make it easy to apply treatments to sludges so that solids can be stripped of containments and repurposed as fertilisers or blended back into the surrounding areas.

The Sedi-filter is manufactured by DRM Industrial Fabrics, an expert in performance filtration through design.